Roof storm damage in Matthews, NC, can be a lot more severe than you’d think. Unfortunately, it is often missed. Not many homeowners will take a quick peek at their roofs after every storm. At the very least, we recommend getting your roof inspected once a year, so minor issues can be caught early on. Hail damage to roof, in particular, can be quite extensive and can greatly compromise the integrity of your roof. This may open up your home to even more damages.

The types of damages that your roof sustains depend on its age, its material, the weather, the wind speeds and more. If your roof is constantly getting damaged, we might recommend that you switch to a different material. For example, if there is constant wind damage to roof, it might be a good idea to switch to metal shingles. These shingles can often withstand wind speeds of over 150 miles per hour. Wind speeds of between 45 to 57 miles per hour can easily remove already loose shingles, and wind speeds from 58 to 74 miles per hour can rip off secured shingles.