Deal with hail damage to roof in Gastonia, NC as soon as possible, as the damage may compromise the overall integrity of your home. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against environmental elements. Without it, the inner structures of your home becomes susceptible to further damage and decay. For example, rainwater can seep into the wooden support beams holding up the roof. While these support beams are water resistant, excess exposure to water can cause them to rot. The same can be said for any storm damage to roof.

The damage caused by hail and high-speed winds is a lot larger than what most people would image. They cause over $15 billion in damages in the U.S., and account for more than 40% of all insurance claims. The size of the hail and the severity of it will influence the severity of the damage. Hail that’s the size of a half-dollar can easily cause minor damage to most roofs and even crack the siding. Hail that’s the size of a walnut can cause severe damage and even dent wood.