Proper roofing installation in Statesville, NC is key to keeping your home in pristine shape. An improperly installed roof will come with a lot of problems. For example, the shingles might be more prone to curling or the entire roof may not last as long. A basic, 3-tab style asphalt shingle roof should last anywhere from 15 to 18 years while a while metal shingles can last for decades. Knowing the pros and cons of various types will allow you to make an informed decision. Without proper knowledge, training and experience, making the best decision for your home can be difficult, which is why it is important to find reliable roof installers in Statesville for a roof installation.

    Other than the lifespan of the roof, you should also consider the amount of warranty that it comes with, as well as whether the roofing installation company offers any type of guarantee. It’s also a good idea to get more information about the amount of maintenance that will be needed. It’s important to get regular maintenance, and maintenance usually starts between 2 and 15 years of the roof being installed.

    Reliable Roofing Installation

    Taking the time to find the perfect roof for your home is important. You want a roof that is not only practical and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. What’s a good fit for your home will vary depending on the color scheme, architectural style and other factors.

    When choosing a roof for your home, you should consider the following properties and qualities:
    • The color of the shingles
    • The angle and slope
    • The attic ventilation layout
    • The area’s weather
    • The quality of the shingles

    Here, at Landmark Roofing, we are more than happy to take the time to help you find the perfect shingles. We’ll look into various options with you until you’re happy with what you see!

    Expert Roof Installers in Statesville

    Since 2019, Landmark Roofing has worked diligently towards providing superior service. We are fully BBB accredited and have an A+ rating. Our company believes in giving back to the community and we donate a portion of our proceeds to local non-profits and organizations. Our commitment to excellence has won us a variety of awards like the Best of Catawba Valley award in the Hickory Daily record for the last three years in a row. We are confident that we will excel in any roofing installation job that you throw our way. More importantly, we have the expertise needed to provide you with advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

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