High Solids Silicone Roof Coating in Hickory, NC AreaHigh solids silicone roof coating in Hickory, NC is designed to protect your roofing system from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, leaks, and rust. Once applied, the coating forms a waterproof membrane that shields your roof from harsh environmental conditions. High solids silicone roof coating is sometimes a better option than intensive repairs or complete roof replacement, but an evaluation has to be done to determine if silicone coating is the best option for your roof.

    At Landmark Roofing, we offer quality silicone roof coating in Hickory. Read on to learn more about our services and the pros of high solids silicone roof coating.

    How a Silicone Roof Coating is Installed

    How a Silicone Roof Coating is InstalledIf you are looking to have your roof silicone coated, you probably want to know how we go about it. First, we do an infrared inspection to ascertain saturated areas of inspection under the membrane. Next, we remove these saturated areas and power wash the roof to remove any contaminants. We then reinforce the seams of the membrane before doing any miscellaneous repairs on the existing roof. Finally, we spray the silicone over the entire roof and do a final inspection.

    Hickory has some high humidity months starting from February and picking in August. High humidity can shorten the lifespan of your roofing system if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to counter it. High solids silicone coating protects your roof from the effects of high humidity, extending its service life.

    In addition, high silicone roof coating also reduces your cooling expenses as the bright silicone reflects UV rays, keeping your indoor spaces cooler. What’s more? Applying silicone coating is cost-effective as you mostly don’t need a primer. In most instances, the silicone coating is applied directly on the roof surface, lowering material and labor costs.

    Below is a summary of the pros of high silicone roof coating:
    • Cost effective
    • Extends your roof’s lifespan
    • Saves on cooling costs
    • Prevents leaks and rust
    • Slows down the accumulation of dirt and debris

    Professional High Silicone Roof Coating in Hickory

    At Landmark Roofing, we are the premier roofing company serving the greater Hickory and Charlotte area. When it comes to high silicone roof coating, we work with certified and experienced roofing professionals to ensure we do a quality job. Schedule a free assessment of your roof today, and we’ll tell you if you need high silicone roof coating for it.

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