Reinforced acrylic elastomeric roofing in Hickory, NC, is becoming increasingly popular. This is usually a type of liquid-applied coating made from acrylic that cures into a durable membrane when it dries. It’s highly elastic and lasts for a long time. The material can also help bridge hairline cracks and smooth rough surfaces. More importantly, it looks great and can fit the aesthetics and style of multiple homes. It can be applied to all types of roofs and can be applied quickly.

The best part of elastomeric roofing is that it can successfully be applied over many different roofing materials, like PVC, fiberglass, concrete, aged EPDM or TPO membranes, asphalt, metal and sprayed polyurethane foam. Our team can evaluate your roof to provide you with a more in-depth game plan of how the roofing will be applied. We can also walk you through the different types of options that are available, so you choose the one that’s best for your home.