Install an EPDM rubber roof in Hickory, NC for your home if you are considering getting your home re-roofed. EPDM, also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a versatile type of rubber roofing that is often installed in low-slope roofing. It is most popular on commercial properties; however, some homeowners have started to look at EPDM as an option for residential properties.

An EPDM roof stands apart from other single-ply rubber roofs. These types of roofing projects require the help of a professional, as the roofing surface needs to be prepped extensively for the installation. When installing an EPDM roof in Hickory, you have two choices when it comes to thickness: 0.45 inches and 0.60 inches. In general, 0.60-inch roofing works best on residential projects as it offers better durability and will also lie flatter, so there’s less wrinkling. The thicker material is more suitable for commercial projects. However, you’ll still need a consultation first in order to determine what’s most suitable for your home.